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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  September 9, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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gasoline. and tennis star serena williams winning her fourth u.s. open title sunday night. coming back from a two point deficit to beat number one ranked victoria azarenka. i'm marianne rafferty. fox report is next. >> i'm harris falkner. we're live as fox reports tonight. we're learning much more about the christian pastor on death row in iran. now free. a battle over his christian beliefs that nearly cost him his life and the presidential campaign taking new jabs to each other, virtually impacting everyone in the country and the race just got a lot sharper. jobs, while millions of americans have them. millions don't. now, the president trying to turn the focus away from the unemployment picture. by attacking governor romney on medicare. will the strategy work? fox reports from the campaign
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trail in florida. and not welcome. this intruder busted, trying to break into the home of one of hollywood's biggest young stars. tonight, police say he did not come empty handed. what was his plan? also, exactly one year ago, the world went dark after an explosion in afghanistan stole his sight. now, this former navy lieutenant, a champion winning gold at the par olympics. >> a fight that's brewing for weeks, in a critical swing state in the race for the white house, florida. as the president tries to turn attention away from the hurting jobs and economic picture, to medicare. there are more than 3 million seniors in the sunshine state on medicare, so, it's an important issue. but, as you may know, we enter
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a new week with some damaging details about the job outlook in this country as our economy continues to create jobs at an alarmingly slow pace and florida's unemployment remains higher than the national average at 8.8%, trying to switch the focus to medicare, and might be a slippery slope. today the the president went after the republican nominees over medicare though. and governor romney and congressman ryan, as we know it. the romney team quickly coming out with this response saying in a statement. only one candidate in this race has robbed today's medicare of 716 billion dollars to pay for barack obama care, barack obama. he has done nothing to reform medicare for the long haul and prevent it from going bankrupt, end quote. the latest back and forth hours ago with the president campaigning in florida. >> hear about their plan for medicare, would bankrupt medicare, our plan strengthens medicare. no american should have to spend their golden years at
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the mercy of insurance companies. >> more on the president's claims in a moment, but first, we know at this hour, governor romney is at his headquarters in boston where we're told he's preparing for the first presidential debate. now, less than a month away. our steve centanni kicks off the political coverage from washington on this and governor romney was not on the campaign trail today, but on one of the sunday talk shows. >> that's right, it was a pre-taped interview this morning on meet the press and the governor took the the opportunity during that interview to outline just what parts of the new health care law he would keep if he's elected president. >> i'm not getting rid of all of health care reform, of course, there are a number of things that i like in health care reform that i'm going to put in place, one is to make sure that those with pre-existing conditions can get coverage, two is to assure that the marketplace allows for individuals to have policies that cover their family unto whatever age they might like. >> and romney also went to church with his family today and spent several hours preparing for those all important presidential debates
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coming up in october, harris. >> harris: i know that governor romney's running mate, congressman ryan making news today. what did he have to say? >> yeah, ryan defended his medicare plan which the democrats claim would end medicare as we know it and call for a premium support system that would give seniors a mixed amount to help them buy health insurance on the open market or stay with the current plan. and he said, some things have to be done. . >> it's a system that needs reforming and we don't want to put more money and more people on a program that's not working, we want to reform medicaid. so what we're saying is, don't expand this program as dramatically as obamacare does. keep it like it is, increase its funding and send it to the sates so the states can fix this problem. >> ryan's interview was pre-taped and he had no campaign events today either. harris, back to you. >> harris: steve centanni tonight. thank you very much. president obama continuing his bus tour there, and spoke a short time ago to a crowd on palm beach as you heard, he
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hit governor romney on medicare reform, a hot topic in the sunshine state and travelling with the president, ed henry. is this a strategy now, trying to take the focus off of jobs and put it on health care? >> well, no doubt about it, harris. the president is still talking about jobs and realizes it's important to the american people, but the bottom line after friday's weak jobs report. what the president is trying to do about the campaign, less a referendum about him and make it a choice election about the future and medicare fits there in two ways, number one, you have a lot of senior citizens here in florida, obviously. they care a lot about medicare and they want to hear about both sides plan. and the president has a right target here in the ryan budget and suggests it will end medicare as we know it. here is what he had to say today. >> here is what you need to know, i have strengthened medicare, we've added years to the life of medicare.
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we did it by getting rid of taxpayer subsidies and insurance companies, that weren't making people healthier. and the other side knows that. it's in their budget, all the savings that we achieved and now they're pretending somehow it affects the beneficiaries when they know it doesn't. we took that money going to the insurance companies, used part of it to-- to help lower prescription drug costs for seniors. and for medicare for seniors. we thought that was a good idea. and they may think it's a bad idea, but i don't. >> now, to try and bolster his case, the the president talked about the study that just came out, suggesting that under the romney-ryan plan, seniors would pay about $125,000 more in medicare costs if in fact their plan was implemented over the course of their retirement, harris. >> you know, ed, i was reading today that the president much of his argument was based on that study.
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i think we should tell people who did that study and what the credentials are, an interesting note. >> right. it's a study from harvard, david cutler, an economist there. a democrat. tied to the president helping to put together their plans and what not. the obama campaign pushback on that is while this version is democrat. it's still insighting facts about the romney ryan budget plan and believe inside the obama plan in order to develop the budget far, far down the road they will have to have big cuts to medicare. as you noted earlier, the republican ticket noting in order to pass the president's health care plan, 700 billion in cuts to medicare himself, harris. >> harris: the study by what some would describe as a left leaning group looking at a republican plan. before i let you go. there's a picture that popped up a short time ago, it was kind of odd and it looked like the president being hoisted into the air. what happened? >> i've never seen anything like this, an unscripted moment on tralt where, this is
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a pizza shop owner in the big apple pizza place here in florida. he had what the president described as big guns in terms of his biceps, in terms of a body builder and so excited to see the president and lifted him in the air. no secret service, but normally they would keep him back make sure the president doesn't get tossed around or tossed to the ground. the pizza shop owner says he's a republican and voted for the president in '08 and wants to vote for him again. he was so excited to see him, he decided to lift hup. he's probably not man. got a vote out of it. >> where was the secret service. >> in the pictures you don't see them. they have a judgment call, they do this on rope lines with the president's event and watch people who might grab on to the president and make a judgment whether or not the president's going to be hurt and need to intervene, in this case they may have and we weren't, you know, right there to see, they may have made that judgment call this was just an excited fan who wasn't going to hurt him and he didn't get hurt. >> somebody from the floor in
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the studio here, rough and tumble on the campaign trail. good to see you. >> a fox wildfire alert. from parts of idaho, fear it could spread into a main community. the police have been going door 0 door, a lot of ground to cover. 400 homes to clear out and get people away from the flames. more than 400 square miles are burning, west of an area called north fork, which is near the montana border and you see it there on the map. more details as we get them. >> right now, a major deadline fast approaching. in a showdown with the teacher's union and if a deal is not reached within hours, it could mean no classes for children in one of the nation's largest school district. details that could play out really in any community in the nation. also, is there a silver line'll.
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>> the latest jobs numbers, disappoint to go say the least. only 96,000 created in august not nearly enough to get the economy back in gear and that's raising speculation on wall street that the federal reserve could step in as soon as this week with a new round of stimulus money to try to prop up the weak recovery. but, any new actions by the fed could be seen by some people as a political move, with the election now less than two months away. senior business correspondent and anchor of bulls and bears, brenda buttner takes a look. >> harris, friday's weak jobs report could put the work again. good news for your 401(k),
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wall street at multi-year highs, but this just as we learn that jobs market just isn't working. and what gives? the traders are betting the fed will. when the central bank meets this week it could consider a third bond buying binge called qe3 in washington. the translation, the banks will print more money to buy what could be hundreds of billions of bonds for mortgage debt. how? well, the aim is to lower long-term interest rates and stimulate more businesses and consumers to borrow and spend, jump starting the recovery. yet, this means the money printing presses go into high gear just as our national debt tops 16 trillion and there's plenty of disagreement about whether it will work anyway, with unemployment stubbornly above 8%, not clear past efforts have. plus, this kind of move by the fed could also take the the heat off politicians. in europe, only when interest rates hit dangerous highs does
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government finally get serious about cleaning up the debt mess. we'll know if, then perhaps when the fed gets on the job on thursday, back to you. >> brenda, thank you very much. a fight over taxpayer money with thousands of children caught in the middle and our nation's third largest school district, a vike in chicago schools could cause major disruptions, we're told. and tonight, still no deals between the chicago school district and the union there. set the deadline for midnight tonight and the top concerns and pay raises and job security. we're told some progress is made, if they don't get a deal done, the teachers say they'll strike tomorrow. this weekend we've already seen the unions getting ready setting up headquarters to give out picket signs and t-shirts in case they walk. it's the kids, the school district preparing for the worst case scenario, preparing for camp for students who have nowhere else to go. tropical storm leslie racing across the atlanta and not facted to hit the u.s. main land, but it does not mean it
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won't pose a threat where people need to be on alert in the coming days, we'll show you. also an iraqi court handing down a death sentence for that country's vice-president. he's already gone, living someplace else. the new details behind the dramatic ruling. and he was always a hero, now he's a champion. this former navy officer severely wounded exactly one year in afghanistan bringing home the gold in the paraolympic games. i stepped on the machine, and it showed me the pressure points on
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>> fox weather alert. right now leslie is in the
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atlantic. battering bermuda. breathing a collective sigh of relief, leslie had been forecast to hit the island, most of the storm missed it. you can see the center of the storm pass east of bermuda and leslie is not a direct threat to the united states, but even so, we are not in its path. some people along the east coast can still feel its effects and we want to look at what that looks like. maria molina in the extreme weather center. who might see some of it. >> harris, good to see you. and people who live along coastal areas and also down into the mid atlantic and leslie is a very large system. and fortunately, though, it's not really strengthened significantly and it's just a tropical storm and we've had dry air and trying to work its way into the center of the system and very large, it spans almost 500 miles from one end to the other end of the storm and that's really why it's so difficult for leslie to continue to strengthen and like you
10:21 pm
mentioned the storm stays to the east of bermuda from the warmth of the storm and dealing with tropical storm conditions throughout the day today and those conditions do begin to improve throughout the overnight hours as leslie continues to pull away from the storm-- from bermuda. right now, the maximum sustained winds moving to the north at about 14 miles per hour which is kind of slow for a storm this far out into open waters and far north in latitude and as we head into later, tuesday morning, that's when we're talking landfall across the maritimes of canada and could be looking at landfall, otherwise, harris, like we mention, we're not expecting any precipitation from leslie for the east coast, but dangerous conditions across the beaches will be possible with rip currents and also dangerous conditions for the boaters that may head out to open waters across the east coast. >> harris: as always, and the people heed the warnings and get curious and go out there. something that does effect the united states dead on. the drought situations. i want to ask you which states
10:22 pm
are feeling it, where we stand with that. >> we've actually had improvement along the coastal areas, across louisiana, isaac, and it dumped over 20 inches of rain and did pull us out across a drought of louisiana and southern portions. we're no longer in a drought across parts of southeastern louisiana and southwestern parts of alabama, take a look across parts of the plains, still in extremes to exceptional droughts and some of the worst categories and of course we're not looking monday through tuesday, harris, and as a matter of fact, very dry conditions are expected with an elevated fire danger and gusty winds and humidity. >> harris: makes it worse and a layer of main for them. hope it ends soon. thank you. a wounded warrior showing the world what he's made of. navy lieutenant bradley snyder was blinded in bomb blast in afghanistan last year and he's doing big things though. now, he's competing as a swimmer at the london
10:23 pm
paralympic games and this lieutenant is one strong guy, physically and mentally. >> he certainly is. well, coaches and competitors are amazed how fast bradley snyder bounced back after his accident. exactly a year ago, his last combat tour ended suddenly when an ied blasted schrapnel into his face and turning tragedy into try up winning gold in is00 and 400 feeter free style paralympic games in london. >> glad touched the wall first and set a precedent and hope it will carry through the week and glad to represent the usa. >> lieutenant snyder says while the physical barriers of blindness have been tough to deal with, the result of being side lined, he's now fulfilling his team oriented competitive nature by participating in the paralympics. >> harris: this is quite a transition for him. tell him what he did.
10:24 pm
>> he defused bombs for a navy seal team and protecting soldiers. following the accident he remained conscious as waited for medics to reach him to pick him up. recovered at walter reed army medical center and places more value than ever the words he repeated in the navy, honor, courage and commitment. >> you think those words don't mean anything until you really have to sit down and consider what they are. when you go through something like that, you have to appreciate learning those things early on as opposed to having to find it out along the way. >> he hopes his story inspires people with ability to do big things and sharing his stories tonight and harris, he's involved in rock climbing a and-- >> of course he is an achiever like that. >> superman. >> harris: great stuff. thank you very much. and he stood up to one of the world's most brutal regimes, even when it meant he could lose his life.
10:25 pm
now the christian pastor who would not renounce his faith is out after iranian jail with his family. what we're learning how he endured what truly was hell on earth. plus, anybody who has a job these days, has to feel pretty fortunate. especially after the details of autumn's dismal unemployment report. how is it playing out on the presidential trail today? a closer look at the number one issue in november. stay with us. why nature made? they were the first to be verified by the usp. an independent organization that sets strict quality and purity standards. and that's why i trust nature made. nature made the number one pharmacist recommended letter vitamin brand.
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>> french police want to question a survivor of a vicious attack in the alps. the british girl survived out of a coma. she and her youngersters were with their parents when they were killed. they're scouring the family's home in a london suburb in search of clues and they want to talk to the seven-year-old child and do so as soon as they get the green light from her doctors. villagers forced to flee as a volcano spews spoke and ash, our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. >> nicaragua, erupting, scattering ash and sending a plume of smoke more than two miles in the air. helping villager about 3,000
10:30 pm
people evacuated. >> south korea, defectors sending fleetwood into north korea, as that communist nation celebrates the 64th birthday and the group filling balloons with helium and the leavelets described the leader as a liar as a hypocrite. israel, the semi annual cleaning of the western wall. a senior rabbi removing countless handwritten notes wedged between the stones. and visitors of all faiths leave the slips of people at the jewish holy site in belief that god will answers their prayers and the notes are considered sacred and will be stored elsewhere. and mexico, cow girls set to the guinness world record. largest group riding
10:31 pm
sidesaddle in a ten minute parade. these women are from mexico's female rodeo. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. i'm harris falkner, this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time now for the top of the news. governor mitt romney talking about health care reform among other topics, on a sunday talk show, saying he would not get rid of all of health care reform and also, saying he would make sure that those with pre-existing conditions can get coverage and the governor spending some time preparing for the first presidential debate, now less than a month away. and president obama wrapping up the bus tour through the state of florida and going on the offensive accusing governor romney of backing a plan that would have the seniors playing more-- paying more and making more money, and the claims the romney campaign quickly rebutted. while the president tries to pivot it help medicare, millions of americans say the
10:32 pm
focus for them is jobs and thousand to create many more of them. on friday, we learned more americans left the work force than found jobs in the month of august. t month ticked down from 8.3% to 8.1% and the government only counts people as unemployed if they're actively searching for a job. when they quit. they are part of that number. and voters are not the only ones paying attention to the disappointing numbers either and so are those on the race for the white house and their campaigns as you might imagine. peter doocy now from the news in washington. >> for every person who got a job last month, nearly four stopped looking for work. that's not a good direction, but some of the president's supporters say not to read too much into august alone. >> you never want to take one month's report. if you look over the last year, the unemployment rate is down a full percentage points and most that have is from people getting new jobs, and some of those jobs are at the heart of the president's pitch to voters in swing states. >> after a decade of decline, this country's actually
10:33 pm
created more than half a million new manufacturing jobs over the last two and a half years. >> mitt romney's advisors think that if president obama wins another term and has chances to raise taxes on the rich, then the economy will remain stalled. >> i can't imagine an argument that says that raising marginal tax rates on high income people many of whom are business owners is a recipe for economic growth. >> this morning mitt romney said on meet the press, he won't cut taxes for the wealthy, bring down their rate of taxation and bring down deductions and loopholes and the taxes that people pay will stay the same as middle income taxpayers will get a break. harris? >> thank you. >> a wave of deadly attacks rocking iraq today. (siren sounding) >> more than 90 people killed and nearly 400 wounded in one of the most brutal days in that country this year. insurgents targeting security
10:34 pm
forces in 13 different cities, gunning down soldiers at an army post and bombing police recruits waiting in line to apply for jobs. so far no one is taking responsibility for the attacks, but the government blaming al-qaeda and the group has promised to pay back areas it was forced out of before the u.s. troops withdrew from that country last year. also, in iraq today, political turmoil to go along with all of this violence you just saw. the country's fugitive vice-president sentenced to death and an iraqi court convicting him. and his son-in-law of master minding the killers of a lawyer and government security official. he denies the charges and has been a fugitive in turkey and sparking sectarian tension there is and fueling resistance against the government. a christian pastor in iran. we told, but this last night on fox report. he was incarcerated three years ago after refusing to renounce his christian faith.
10:35 pm
he was originally sentence today die, but the court reduced charges and let him go for time served. that pastor's story is receiving attention from all over the globe and the u.s. state department calling for his release. our loren green joins us now, how did it turn the corner so quickly? >> it's a surprise. there were reports that hinted that the iranian judges would level new charges, but within 24 hours, the pastor went from facing death to being a freeman. and converting from islam was reduced to only evangelizing. in the end though, international pressure was the key. millions of prayers, tweets, media, and plus the government of brazil, the u.s. and the u.n. all playing a role. >> what you had was the international outcry, so i think the iranian regime made the correct decision, letting him. go. they found him guilty and said
10:36 pm
his time served was sufficient and let him go home. >> now, he was born muslim, but says he never embraced the faith and as a teenager he became christian. >> you and i were talking off camera how he described, what i call hell on earth. curious, where does he go now? >> well, this is a big decision for him. because whether the state in iran and continuing with his pastorship at his congregation or flees for safety for the safety of his family, big decision. >> we have a very delegate period of time here, you have to be careful after the release of the cases, it was about five years ago, the similar case, an individual toward release and killed a few days later and that happened. here you've the got-- this has been a high profile case, i'm optimistic that this could represent a change of tone if we could continue. but remember that, because this is a high profile case. there are still a the lot of christians and minorities still languishing in iranian prisons, but the good thing about the release is that it's a good sign that these
10:37 pm
international pressures just kind of-- >> yeah, and he said he spent many days praying. >> absolutely. >> three years, lauren green, thank you so much. serious reports tonight of new violence, the government war planes reportedly bombing a residential area in alepo, and this is an area we have been watching. the strikes came hours after rebels took over a nearby army base, after a militant leader linked to al-qaeda was warning of deadly new attacks on syria and an attempt to topple the syrian president. the leading of the militant group condemns what he says calls against the government and sunni muslims. more than 20,000 citizens after they rose up against their government 18 months ago. >> across the border in jordan, one syrian refugee camp celebrating a wedding. a 23-year-old carper marrying his 20-year-old cousin in his ceremony, apparently included on riding on the soldiers. the couple met in their home
10:38 pm
town and the groom also says they decide today get married in the refugee camp because the war was dragging on in syria and saw no chance of going back anytime soon. love. well, workers at one home frantically call 9 the 11 after they noticed something very strange. >> put your hands up, walk towards us. keep your hands up, walk towards us. >> harris: police arresting a man found lurking around the home of a hollywood starlet. and very bizarre. wait until you found out what they found in this guy's pockets and plus, donkeys, more than the symbol of one political party they're also a lot of fun to look at. unless you live in a california town where they're running around without leashes and nobody can catch them and trampling the yards. catch that donkey. they're a nuisance and also kind of cute. [ male announcer ] what if you had thermal night-vision goggles,
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>> losses-- los angeles police responded to the home of miley cyrus early yesterday morning after an employee inside noticed something strange and called 911. when they arrived they found this guy, still on the property and tried to get him to surrender. >> we gave him some commands, didn't respond. so we went ahead and said we were going to tase him in order to try to get him to comply and of course, he went ahead and did so. he became client walked up the hill for us and we took him into custody without incident. >> harris: the suspect told police he and miley have been friends for years. he reportedly was found with some strange items including a pair of scissors in his pocket and a giant red heart tied around his neck. rivera being held on suspicion of burglary and is expected to be charged this week.
10:43 pm
we're told miley cyrus was not at home at the time. a wild wake yul call for a quiet california neighborhood. down and dirty for a good cause, just two stops as we go across america. california, a vacant house blows up a quiet modesto suburb. and causing damage throughout the neighborhood and setting severe homes on fire. >> it's like a big explosion, all of our windows in our house, and everything. >> and nobody hurt. the firefighters saying a ruptured gas line inside the home likely caused it. virginia, a partial stage collapse injuries one person at a jazz festival near arlington. the concert was canceled due to storms in the area and forecast were taking it apart and the scaffolding came crashing down. one person expect today recover. back to the golden state, it's a donkey drama on the
10:44 pm
outskirts of los angeles, a herd of wild buros getting into people's gardens. >> we've had sightings the last couple of years, but not like this. this is the most we've seen. >> harris: and they keep coming back because people keep feeding them. in fact, animal control officers say stop that, hoping if people ignore the con disthey'll go back to nature. wisconsin. >> look at the-- >> business business, more than 12,000 people in the mudder event where they compete in a 12 mile obstacle run in the mud of course. >> separate the men from the boys and the women from the girls. >> it's a challenge, i'm getting married and good thing to keep me in shape. >> and the proceeds from the wounded warriors and that's a fox watch across america. da, da, da, it's sunday in september which also means the nfl is back. and more on the games played out today in a few minutes, but first, one nfl star is
10:45 pm
giving back in a very unique way. carolina panners steve smith, donating hundreds of pairs of shoes and he says it's an honor to help those less fortunate. >> it's an opportunity for me to give back, to serve, to kind of really for me open the next chapter of my life. >> he says he does it at every away game and his panthers are in tampa and face the buccaneers, tampa won, 16-10. and the new book at that portrays president obama in a less than flattering night is about to hit the store shelves, what's in it? just weeks before election day, we find out why it's causing a stir already. a star pitcher destined for the playoffs experts say, but the young phenom steve strasburg is headed for the bench. they're sitting him down for good. that's ahead in sports.
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>> a new book hitting store shelves in the final days before election day, saying that president obama is overconfident, underprepared and relationships with congressional leaders. "price of politics" written by long time author bob woodward. chief correspondent jim angle has more. >> president elect obama and vice-president biden said he wants a stimulus package and asked for everyone's ideas and both parties said the atmosphere for bipartisan cooperation was sincere on all sides. but then, the president went his own way, as the book puts it, president obama and his
10:50 pm
advisors quote, believed that government spending could create jobs and rode the economy. and believed that could create more jobs. and inviting them to the white house, eric cantor arrived with a list of proposals. a tax reduction of 20% off sses unemployment benefits tax-free, among other things. in spite of pledges to cooperate, the president rejected cantor's idea and according to the book, rubbed it in saying, quote, elections have consequences, and eric, i won. but the president was having trouble with conservative democrats as well, at one point democratic leaders nancy pelosi and senator harry reid were working on changes aimed at winning their support. president obama called, was put on speaker phone and told them their efforts would save the economy, pelosi and reid
10:51 pm
thanked them, and the president went into a lengthier speak and pelosi put him on mute and they went about and left him speaking to the ozone. >> and usually don't have anybody in the room. >> there were two white house officials in the room, rahm emanuel and budget director peter orszag one of whom apparently talked and the surplus passed without a single republican vote and eric cantor later looked back and says he was surprised, the book says, how badly the white house played would have been a winning hand. and though obama won the vote, he had energized the losers. not only did he miss an opportunity to work with republicans, he pushed them away, republicans grumbled, a squandered opportunity to work across the aisle. in washington, jim angle, fox news. >> harris: a young man in georgia with a dream to become a surgical technician use today walk 15 miles to class
10:52 pm
until a hit and run driver hit him. brandon white was left with a collapsed lung, broken arm and spent days in the hospital recovering and now he won't have to walk to class anymore, you know why? a complete stranger gave mimm a car, a 1999 cadillac, a big car with a woman with a big heart. >> the thought of my kid walking, i don't want to think about that. so i said, nope, that's it, end of story, he's going to get this car. >> brandon thanking her personally and promising to stay in school and police, by the way are still looking for the driver who left the hit and run scene. a woman making nfl history. she's in a uniform. we'll tell you about it maybe not what you're thinking. and highlights, pete schrader is getting micced up next to me, home base, fox report. i stepped on the machine, and it showed me the pressure points on
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>> some history being made as nfl history is underway. shannen easton and shannon, the rams-lions game, did a good job. the women's final of the u.s. open playing in flushing
10:57 pm
meadows outside of new york city and delayed it because of weather that moved through. the only american in the final at the u.s. open serena williams. >> she's one of the greatest runs we've seen in tennis. won wimbledon, won the olympics and today, down 5-3 in the third to azarenka, she wins the u.s. open tunnel, triumphant you'll see here, lying on her back. a fantastic tournament for her, overcoming illness from a year ago, no one saw her winning this a year ago, and she came out triumphant and overjoyed and the new york crowd, they don't always do this, with you azarenka gave her a run for her money. they're kind of dressed alike. a fun watch, they got their money's worth. >> it was wonderful to see. >> i want to talk football. i always do. >> best day of the year. >> rg 3. robert griffin iii. >> the heisman trophy winner out of baylor. and go to the washington redskins, play the saints in new orleans and the saints did not the lose all last season
10:58 pm
and rg 3 in the first nfl start beats drew brees. >> wow. >> completed the first eight passes and including an 88 yard touchdown passes js and they say this is one of the toughest places they know how to rally and had another hurricane recently and come back for that. and they love the saints and for him to go into their house. >> an impressive job by rg 3. andrew luck, didn't fare as well. >> tim tebow let's talk. >> tim tebow and mark sanchez the big story line, how are they going to get it done. >> scored 48 points today. >> yeah. >> sanchez looked wonderful and tebow played well when he got in. and the jets offense looked actually good and didn't score a touchdown in three pre-season games. >> you can't sit here without calling me on this. you know i follow you on twitter and you don't have a the lot of nice things to say
10:59 pm
about that team. >> harsh. >> harris: you have been really harsh. are you going to do an mea culpa? >> jets fans, i apologize, they played well and there are 15 more to go see how the season plays out. >> harris: another one wrapping up five minutes ago, green bay. >> yeah, the america's game on fox. green bay, 15-1, and didn't lose at home. and came out here and the san francisco 49ers shocked them winning. and 9ers ran rammed the ball down green bay's throat and aaron rogers, upset with green bay. >> harris: hardly any time. steve strausberg, baseball. >> they're shutting him town before the playoff. 's coming off elbow surgery, 160 innings and shutting him down, will not pitch in the playoffs, controversial in the nation's capital. >> harris: mlb with the drama. and pete with the story. >> beautiful sunday in sports today.


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